Dog Walking Prices & Services

We provide dog walks between the hours of 9 am and 4 pm. We collect your dogs and then head straight to our chosen location for the day. Our walks generally start around 10.30 am then again at 12.30 pm. These walks last for no less than an hour each. Collections begin at 9 am. Learn more about our energetic and trained dog walkers at Swaggle Dogs.

Areas of Service:

Snodland, Larkfield, West Malling, East Malling, Halling, Aylesford, St Peters Village, Wouldham, Burham and other surrounding areas.

Swaggle Dogs offers countryside, woodland and beach dog walking services – learn more about our prices below.

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Dog Walking Prices

One hour group walks AM/PM

Second doggos from the same household £8 providing they can share our larger crate during travel. Any other dogs from the same household can be discussed.
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Claw Cutting Services

Dependent on size and temperament.

£10 – £15

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Beach Day Out

Camber, Full Day


This is a full day of sand sea and splashing for the dogs and is run biannually in March and September/October.

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Dog Daycare & Boarding

Coming Soon in
Jan 2020

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Please Note:

Dogs from different households will not share crate space with each other, only if from the same household. We also provide seatbelts for dogs that aren’t accustomed to our crates and would rather be on a seat looking out of the window. Dogs will never be left unattended in vehicles and aircon/heating will be used for comfortable temperatures.

Dogs will not be let off lead unless instructed by the client. Dogs will be returned home as clean and dry as possible, we know what it’s like coming home to muddy pawprints after a long day at work!